About Us

Brisbane based Australian start-up Student SPACE, is aiming to become Australia’s largest On-line Student Accommodation booking portal with access to over 12,000 purpose-built student beds and thousands of other shared accommodation bed options.

The founders successfully and independently owned and operated student accommodation businesses for over 20 years in Brisbane as preferred student accommodation providers. In 2017 they divested their interest in the management of student accommodation beds to concentrate on Student SPACE setting out to transform the student accommodation bookings industry by enabling International Students, in particular, to get a taste of the ‘Student Destination Experience’ from their living room.

Student Space is building a ‘Student Ecosystem’ that includes their innovative Student Savings Card where students will receive up to 50% off major Australian brands and retailers. A Student Chat – Jobs App accessing hundreds of Student Jobs plus students able to chat to groups dedicated to either their university, student accommodation building, cultural Facebook groups etc.

The continuing attractiveness of Australia as a study destination shows that international students choose Australia because of the beautiful destination experiences on offer, quality Australian education system and our reputation as a safe and tolerant country.


The blending of students from all over the world from such diverse cultures, languages and lifestyles has proven to be most successful in Australia, including the enrichment of resident Australian students.